Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sad Song

Put on a sad song.
And brush your fingers through my hair.
Remove those vintage khakis and lilac dress.
Embrace the humidity in the air, take a long breath in.
Kiss my neck.
A cool breeze rushes thru.
on a summer afternoon

Put on a sad song.
And your black, blue, geen eyeliner starts to run.
A rose from three months ago - and a day- still lays on your desk.
You smile when you look up and don't recognize your own room.
Your own reflection.
A new you has awoken.
on a summer afternoon

Put on a sad song.
And sit on a large rock by the water.
Waves hit the shore.
Gently, slowly, almost hypnotically.

A frog appears on your lap. Looks up at you. And hops off.

A couple drops of water reach you now and then.
One falls about an inch below your eye.
Your shortest relationship ever.
on a summer afternoon.



  1. Beautiful poem. Did you write it?

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