Thursday, December 16, 2010

An ode to Facebook

Look at all of the places I have been.
Look at all of the people I've met.
Look at all of the things that I enjoy.
Look at me.
Without you.

Look at all of the songs we listen to.
Look at all of the accomplishments we share.
Look at all of the words we say (and don't say) to each other.
Look at me.
With you.

Look at all of the hobbies I now have.
Look at all of the parties I am invited to. 
Look at all of the ways I've grown.

Look at me.
After you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

And we dance

A beautiful girl who I just met starts to dance with me.
She smiles and I don't understand.
Does she like me, does she think I am funny?
But she smiles
and we dance

I sit back down
talk to friends
grab a drink
and she's there
so I walk up,
"what are you getting?"
"who knows?"
We cheers, and chug
and we dance

My back is tapped
conversations with friends
we part and I look back
she's looking back
conversations end
and we dance

All night
I think
All night
I wonder
and we dance

I have to go
I try to leave
I say goodbye
She says, "don't go"
and we dance

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sad Song

Put on a sad song.
And brush your fingers through my hair.
Remove those vintage khakis and lilac dress.
Embrace the humidity in the air, take a long breath in.
Kiss my neck.
A cool breeze rushes thru.
on a summer afternoon

Put on a sad song.
And your black, blue, geen eyeliner starts to run.
A rose from three months ago - and a day- still lays on your desk.
You smile when you look up and don't recognize your own room.
Your own reflection.
A new you has awoken.
on a summer afternoon

Put on a sad song.
And sit on a large rock by the water.
Waves hit the shore.
Gently, slowly, almost hypnotically.

A frog appears on your lap. Looks up at you. And hops off.

A couple drops of water reach you now and then.
One falls about an inch below your eye.
Your shortest relationship ever.
on a summer afternoon.