Monday, September 28, 2009

Yom Kippur is Smuff

I feel like my point didn't come across in my last post. The point being-- As much as something may affect me, it is comforting to know that the world moves on. It makes you realize you too, will work things out and continue on.

Now to today's post...

Today was the Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur (please note that what I say about the holiday are my interpretation and if they are not factually accurate feel free to comment). Yom Kippur is known as the most significant day in the Jewish calendar and it comes a little more than a week after the Jewish new year. On this day you fast (no eating, drinking) for 25 hours and probably attend synagogue for the day to repent for any wrongdoings of the last year. This may not sound like small stuff, it sounds pretty important, but to me it is a day all about small stuff.

Since I not a religious Jew, I think of the holiday and the religion itself as more of a tradition that involves certain foods, large family gatherings, reflection, and keeping alive a certain positive spirit. Naturally, on this day, reflection is the key theme for me. This day is a day when I think about the events of the past year, good and bad, and ask myself what I did wrong, how I can better myself in the next year, and where I want things to head for me.

I think especially about the small things that happened in the last year, things that you will understand more as you continue to read my blog, and why they meant what they meant.

One last small thing that is worth mentioning is how amazing food and water really is and how lucky I am to always have access to it, in large quantities. I say this because after not eating for a full 25 hours, the taste of water and food... is just the bees knees. If you want to REALLY appreciate something, cut it out of your life for a while.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I am smuff

I left my house this morning feeling like I and the current events in my life were significant in the grand scheme of things, but to my surprise it was a beautiful day outside. A squirrel three doors down from my house was busy eating away at a nut he probably spent four hours hunting, the cars were all on the road, the trees were rustling in the wind, just like any other day.

I walked to my bus stop and everybody there was doing their own things, perfectly (or so it seems) content living their own lives. I saw students listening to their portable mp3 devices, a mother with her young child, a elder man, and all of the other usual folks.

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend, since we can only see the world through our own eyes, that when we are upset, or happy, or crazy, the world doesn't reflect our feelings. -- Life is not a movie. --

p.s. Smuff means small stuff.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Introduction

Welcome! My name is Philip and this new blog is going to be about the smaller stuff in current events, the mass media, and life in general. My keyboard just broke...

It is amazing how one little piece of plastic on the bottom of the keyboard can ruin ones typing experience by unbalancing the keyboard on the table.