Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tonight is the first night of Chanukah- A time when Jews get together, light candles, eat delicious fried foods, and chocolate wrapped in gold foil.
Its a good thing my mum called me earlier today to remind me---
I can't turn my head without seeing a Christmas decoration, yet I don't even know when Chanukah starts.
I suppose I am grateful that the holiday isn't shoved down my throat.
It feels slightly more /special?/ this way.
I wish I was at home to celebrate with my family, but-- you know..School.

I do like Christmas decorations though-- Colourful lights, Trees with shiny things on them, red and green, Toy Soldiers... Pretty :-)

Also-- My body is starting to get angry at the 40 degree temperature difference between inside and outside.

Whenever Chanukah rolls around and I am wishing to be celebrating with my family I think back to my first year of university and how my girlfriend at the time made me an Menorah our of pipe cleaners.

...It was pretty awesome.

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