Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eating Cinnamon

 Okay, so sometimes you have a day where you need to watch somebody do something unbelievably stupid. Well- get ready for it... This video will feed your hunger...

Was that not amazing?

You may be wondering why he is doing such a ridiculous thing? And the answer is-- all in the name of internet collaberation. For the past 10 weeks Charlie, and a bunch of other famous UK youtubers have been creating a pop song with the ultimate goal of highjacking the iTunes charts. This is that week that the song has finally come out and even though they are not doing as well as they hoped they would have, they are still doing an amazing thing with web 2.0.

Link to the music video of the song
Link to the song on itunes------The money all goes to charity

(P.S. The cheesyness is kinda of the point) -- Only a warning.

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