Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oreos are awesome

Okay, so, in a world where we are BOMBARDED with advertisements, you gotta think majorly outside the box to get people's attentions.

I think Mr. Christie has done it. Nothing could make you want an oreo more than an elevator sized Oreo being dipped into an elevator sized glass of milk.

As I said before-- "the milk is not what matters" -- or rather "the Oreo is not what matters" -- what matters is how in your face the Oreo is -- and it goes without saying that smuff rarely refers to size.

Smuff in this case is something as ubiquitous as an advertisement that has the capacity and originality to make a person's day. And if I saw this in a mall, than, hell, I know it would make my day.

(It would probably get my to buy an couple boxes of Oreos as well...)


  1. that ad's pretty clever. I don't think it's very related but it reminded me of a video i saw recently. Check it out!

  2. Even though I don't really like getting bombarded with advertising, I can always appreciate when I see a really interesting and outside-the-box ad for once. Also check out this bus ad that makes good use of its' natural structure.