Monday, November 2, 2009

Notes Left Behind

A six year girl who recently died of cancer.
But her story.
Her unbelievable sense of... all that is beautiful about humanity.
She will never know what her Notes meant.
To her parents, to her family, to the world.

Elena-- knowing-- at six years old that her life was already coming to an end-- started writing notes of love-- and hid them around her house for her family to find and read.

“She would tuck them into bookcases, tuck them into dishes, china you don't touch every year and you'd lift it up and there'd be a note in it,” Elena’s father (Keith Desserich)

 Her parents wrote a book about the struggle, which can be found here.

I suppose I just want to say, no matter how old you are... or how young. You can matter, you can make a difference. And never underestimate the power of a note or loving sentiment.


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