Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old School Video Games!

Why are 8 bit NES games so much cooler than most of the games that came out in the last 10 years?

Smuff--- that's why!

An addicting game can be started at any time and become engrossing within minutes. All you need are the small things-- A catchy tune for the music. A guy in a red suit or blue or green (turtle) suit that jumps on things and maybe a smiling cloud or two. A few blocks that you break or stack on top of each other. A couple buttons... and you have a game that you can play not just until you have beat it, but forever...

The problem with most new games is they require intricate details, graphics, and story lines to be played or understood. The other problem with new games (the multi-player ones in particular-- I am speaking to you Halo!) is an amateur played doesn't stand an effing chance against anybody else because it is just level memorization. One you have the level memorized-- well-- why play anymore at that point?

I suppose NES games also have an element of level memorization (since there are few sporadic surprises in the programming), but their simplicity keeps them almost just as fun.

Don't get me wrong, great new games exist. And crappy old games also exist. But even the crappy old ones are hilarious. See: Angry Video Game Nerd.

Lastly-- Old school video games make for Frickin Sweet Clothing! --



  1. and that's why it was named the best console OF ALL TIME (offically). chip n' dale rescue rangers was the most addicting game to play! oh, and duck hunt was just brilliant.

  2. By whom were they given this prestigious rating?

    And OH MAN!-- Duck Hunt-- let us just say that I wish I still had my duck hunt gun!