Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Okay, so I have been following this vlog for an extremely long time (since mid 2007) titled the vlogbrothers and they have long been obsessed with the idea of there being puppy sized elephants.
(They are going to use the word Nerdfighter a lot, their first video on what that here)...oh THE AWKWARDNESS!!!-- Don't mind the song if you watch that video...

I am probably going to mention them a bit in the process of this blog, but BACK TO THE ENTRY.

So, they like puppy sized elephants. And who doesn't remember the infamous house hippos commercial...

The point is...small animals are just so adorable... and now, they have become a reality...

I WANT ONE! And they actually exist... Check it out!

Not only do they exist, but celebraties are buying them...and owning them...
My mind can't help but to wonder about mini giraffes. XD


  1. AHHHHH!
    Okay, so those tiny pigs are my life. No joke when I saw that article my friends and I all decided that we're getting one. By decided I mean that we want them, really really badly, but could never afford them.
    Sooo cute they make my heart squee.

  2. and omg, i didn't actually read the opening of this entry, i was scrolling and saw the micropigs and had to comment...but VLOGBROTHERS! LOVE them.