Monday, October 26, 2009


Today I discovered this neat website titled: Wordle

The site creates "word clouds." You can type in any website and it will take the words and turn them into a neat picture based on the frequency that you use them.

Here is an example of a word cloud using this very blog!

It looks like I don't use the word SMUFF nearly enough!!!

I love that something as simple as words arranged in a new fashion, with a little colour, is such a visually stimulating experience.

I think that I am going to put a Wordle in the sidebar and update it as the site updates so you guys watch the site evolve in a more unique way.

In other news, I feel like Peter Paul and Mary and their song, All Mixed Up, compliment this picture quite well -- so give it a listen.

-- Mary Travers you will be forever missed.

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