Friday, October 9, 2009

Tight Grip

...When we are 70, will you still love me?

How about 80?
Will we still lie together?
Will we still laugh at each other's jokes?
Will you still smile when I walk in the door?

When my hair turns gray, when I loose the poof, when I have a few wrinkles...

Will we still hold hands? When we do, will you still squeeze? A grip that says, "never let me go."
Will you still think that I have pretty eyes? Will I still get so excited that I can't wipe the smile off of my face?

Will we still remember the nights, the nights we when we just...cuddled?
Will I still remember the first time I saw you?
Across the room.
Will you still like me "too much"?
Will I still remember the first time that you spoke to me?
The first time that we kissed?
The first time that we [censored]?

Will you still hold a grip on my heart?
Will I still hold a grip on yours?
Will we still walk across town without a care?
...Will your heels still be 7 inches high?


  1. Will these do?

  2. If I saw a 70 year old wearing those... my mind would be BLOWN!

  3. This is adorable. I don't know many people in their 80's who still laugh at each others jokes though. I think after about 10 years of marriage the jokes must start to get old. My grandmother calls my grandfather her 5th child but I think that her jabs at him are just another way of showing how much she cares. I would like to believe in a love that can last until I'm 80. Can you please post more cute story/poems like this one? Thanks!