Sunday, October 25, 2009

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is out for Macs (or the beta version is at least)... You got download it here:

It took nearly a year and a couple of months for it to move from being an exclusive PC browser to now being a browser available for the Mac as well.

The above image is from my first test run of the browser and I am excited already. This post was done using mostly the chrome browser and other than one minor glitch it seems to be pretty awesome and really fast...

Why is Chrome smuff? Google has been priding itself on simplicity and effectiveness since its humble beginnings and that is the main reason that it is doing so well.

Chrome doesn't fail to follow up on Google's philosophy. Just opening up the browser for the first time, I was asked where I wanted to import bookmarks from and the transfer to Chrome was as easy as that. Another thing I love about Chrome is not only is the URL bar a place to put in websites, it also doubles as a google search bar.

Other than that, Chrome is one of those items that just works and there is no fangled gadgets needed or special add-ons, which makes it a pleasure to use.

If all things were smuffed like Google is, the world would be a much less cluttered and stressful place...

I can't wait for the Google OS


  1. how does it compare to safari or firefox? is there a big enough difference that it's worth changing browsers?

  2. I would say it is substantially faster, but there are still substantial glitches so I am not fully switching over just yet. Ninja video doesn't seem to work on it as well as other multimedia based websites. I have also had trouble downloading from sites such as webct, which is a bit of a pain. For a beta though it is promising!