Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shooting Stars

Make a wish...

At four am the streets are empty.
At four am the city is closed.
At four am the shooting stars come out.

Driving down Wonderland with the windows rolled down- music blaring-
Driving toward the place where the streetlights end
Driving north
Zero Degrees

Tim Horton's
Hot Chocolate
Large- please.

Continue down the road...
Light, Light, Dark, Brights...

Giant stop sign-- pull over.

Climb on top of the car

Thousands of worlds
Thousands of tiny specks
Thousands of what ifs?

All of a sudden-
You catch something out of the corner of your eye-
It is moving-

You see another one.
And another.
That one has a tail.
This one is orange.

Think of a wish and wait for one to come while the wish is in your head ----- Nothing.

They only come when your head it clear- when you are not expecting them.

Eventually the cold gets to you-
The hot chocolate is empty-
The stars become sparse-

Drive home
Glad you got to see something
Glad you took a risk
Glad that the moment happened
Glad that the sky will always follow you
Where ever you go
What ever you do

The sky is there. Watching you- watching it-

1 comment:

  1. I challenge someone to offer a better way of looking at shooting stars than than lying on top a car with a tim hortons hot chocolate/french vanilla. It wasn't the spectacular show I was expecting but at least we saw something!