Monday, November 16, 2009


Anybody remember velcro?

I bet even if you do remember velcro, even if you wore it today, you didn't know that velcro has a twitter and a website.

What could be a more lazy, time saving innovation than velcro? And honestly what could look much cooler?


The use of velcro makes such a happy sound too! I suppose the only reason I don't insist on finding velcro shoes is that now, I just slip my shoes on. Speaking of lazy shoe tools-- next to velcro, what could be cooler than those curly laces?! -- OH MAN! They have their own website too.

Honestly, being a teenager is nothing more than remember all of the cool stuff that you had as a kid and wanting it back. Kids shows, kids clothes, an imagination, free time... le sigh.

Sadly, the older you get-- the easier it is to remember the things that sucked about all of the cool kids stuff. Velcro for instance was awesome--- until it stopping being sticky and became useless.

Velcro also reminds me of those burr things that get stuck to your clothes and sometimes prick you when you are walking through a forest... hiding those things in a friends hood or pocket though...made for hours and hours of fun... XD.


  1. don't forget about the LIGHT UP shoes, and scheduled NAP TIME

  2. Oh man, I loved those light up shoes... I used to have shoes in elementary school that could track how long and far you run/jump, but they made loud beeping noises if you pushed any button on them-- and one time during grade 4 french they went off in class and were uncontrollably beeping for a good minute. -- I never wore those shoes again.

  3. and there were the shoes that made like dinosaur noises when you walked! those would take act like a t-rex day to a whole new level.